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Saturday, August 1st, 2015

Welcome to the Homeless Family Center of Vero Beach

Twenty-Four Years of Serving the Homeless

 Homeless Family Center  is the largest extended family center in the entire Treasure Coast. Homeless Family Center provides Emergency and Transitional Shelter for homeless families from Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin, and Okeechobee Counties. Our 4th Street facility can accommodate 10 families in the Emergency Shelter and twelve families in the Transitional Shelter which translates into a total of 88 individuals that we may house on any given day.  In addition, three stand-alone homes are occupied by families w
ho have transitioned from the Center to
greater self-sufficiency. 

We are more than just a roof overhead as we partner with a dedicated group of individuals to provide services for our clients such as children's programs, employment training, and mental health referrals.

Our Mission is to provide opportunities for homeless families to end homelessness by achieving self-sufficiency through education, living wages, and permanent housing.

Homeless Family Center helps families who have had to make difficult choices between housing, medical care, transportation,food and other expenses. These decisions may lead to a family facing a situation that may truly be beyond one's control and thereby leaving them without a home. Our Center has a clearly defined phase system in place to assist and determine the success of families to overcome this hurdle. The following shelter options are available based on each families needs:

Emergency Housing - Available to homeless families from Indian River, Martin, St. Lucie, and Ockeechobee Counties, Case Management interviews each client and develops an action plan based on that famiy's goals and objectives. This program is limited to a 90 day stay. Food, clothing, shelter, employment services, and case management are provided to each family. Clients who are able are required to work full time and children are enrolled in daycare / school.

Transitional Housing - Available to homeless families who require a longer period of time to get back on their feet. This program can be extended as long as two years, provided the client continues to follow house rules and work with case management. In this program, more intensive case management is provided with emphasis on job skills (employment and training), affordable housing, and realistic budgeting.

Employment Training - Any client who resides at the Center is able to work with the Employment Counselor who will provide training and job placement services. Residents are required to be employed 40 hours / week and save 75% of their income.

Children's Program -  Our children's program staff oversees this program which promotes the betterment of self-esteem issues for the children through the use of art therapy and group classes. In addition to mentoring and tutoring services, weekly, age-specific activities are planned.


How your donation can help:

88¢ - provides one meal for one resident
$15 - provides one week of food for one resident
$33 - provides one day of food, housing and job counseling for one resident
$60 - provides one month of food for one resident
$231 - provides one week of shelter, food and job counseling for one resident
$990 - provides one month of shelter, food and job counseling for one resident
$11,880 - provides one year of shelter, food and job counseling for one resident

Take a  "Wednesday Walk Tour" of the facility every Wednesday afternoon at 4pm. 


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